Friday, 21 December 2012

Cartoon Sketch 2 :)

No one can ever forget this cute cartoonic character MICKEY and MINNIE !!!

Just sketched this cartoon when my cousin handed over her pencil box to me and asked me to open it :)

This pic was on the top cover of the box , what more should I ask for?? I immediately chirped and sketched it on a paper :):)

Cartoon sketch :)

The love for cartoons started since I was a baby..My childhood days were spent playing with cartoon toys.So once I started drawing things around me , I thought I shouldn't miss out the characters which fascinated me or made my childhood days BUSY :P!!

And here is the sketch of my  ICE AGE SQUIRREL !! :):)More cartoons coming soon!!!!!!!!! :))

Saturday, 15 December 2012

My FIRST post- My FIRST pencil ART !!

Hello Friends !!! This is my very first post on my blog....I thought it should more connected with the word "FIRST" I am gonna share the pencil drawing which I drew or (to say more specifically I TRIED)!!!!

There might be many blunders in the work I have done ,particularly the shading part..but I like to share it here b'coz whenever I luk at this I feel nostalgic and it also portrays silently the way I have improved these days in my Artworks!!! :)

 Pencil drawing was my favourite pass time since my childhood...but I started taking it so seriously only since a few months!!! so...without pulling the hammer is my FIRST pencil art "LORD MURUGAN" !! :)